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Welcome to Cloud 9 Skin Wellness Spa

CLOUD 9 SPA SKIN WELLNESS SPA, the place for relaxation and beauty. 

We have been part of the metropolitan community for over 18 years.  Helene Clemenza, licensed Aesthetician, Founder of Cloud 9 Skin Wellness Spa and our staff, has extensive knowledge in anatomy, physiology and pathologies of the skin. Each treatment is customized to  your needs.  We will guide you,  and present solutions for your skin care concerns.

Healthy optimum skin care is our goal for all of our clients. We offer a variety of spa experiences that include facials and body treatments for Women, Men and Teens.

We are conveniently located at 7 West Central Avenue, Pearl River, NY.


for women, men & teens

Prior to any procedure, please advise us if you are using Retin-A, glycolic acid, Accutane, or any other prescription medication.  Waxing and other exfoliation treatments cannot be performed if you are using certain prescriptions. 


With our result oriented skin care treatments, the benefits of facials are numerous. Stop aging skin dead in its tracks. Facial Treatments reduce the appearance of pigmentation, reduce acne breakouts and maintain the skin’s integrity while going through the acne stage. Increase circulation, bring back your skin’s natural glow and tone, hydrate and last but not least…relax with a Cloud 9 facial treatment.

Revitalizing Facial

A quick fix for those who need their beauty on the go. This mini version includes a cleansing, exfoliation, facial massage and mask. Perfect for a special evening and keeping your skin looking its best!

Acne Facial

This treatment is uniquely tailored for breakouts and scarring issues. A clearing skin wash is used to prep and cleanse your skin. Steam is used with an exfoliant to aid in extractions and kill bacteria. A masque is then applied to reduce inflammation and normalize your skin’s pH.  Lastly, a special acne reducing serum is applied with the correct moisturizer to complete the treatment. For chronic acne, a series is recommended.


Turn back the clock with this result oriented facial. This treatment is perfect for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, repairing and reinvigorating the skin. Depending on your skin’s appearance, a progressive customized treatment is used to penetrate deep to repair and regenerate the production of elastin and collagen. Walk out with a noticeable youthful glow, and with a more even tone complexion.

Eternal Skin

Maintain & preserve youthful skin with this thorough cleansing and hydrating treatment. Drift away while your hands, arms, face, neck, shoulders and scalp experience a massage. Maintenance for consistently beautiful skin.

Cloud 9 Experience

Cloud 9 is where you’ll be during this hypnotizing treatment! Same experience as the eternal skin facial, plus a stress reducing foot massage that will have you floating out of this world…guaranteed!


Real men get facials! Utilizing the finest in skin care products, we’ll customize the perfect treatment that will give your skin a healthy glow and make you feel like a million bucks!

Men’s Healthy Skin On The Go
SKIN ON THE GO is a no-nonsense facial for today’s fast-paced man. Experience transformation within minutes! Includes cleansing, toning, exfoliation, extractions, eye cream, and specialized moisturizer…safe for all skin types.

Cloud 9 for Men
Reaching Cloud 9 never felt so good! Your session begins with a double cleansing process, followed by steam with a customized exfoliant. After extractions, you’ll loosen up with an arm, neck, shoulder, and scalp massage. Finish up with an eye cream, a moisturizer for your skin type, and you’ll walk out an A-Lister.


It’s a fact that most teenager/young adults will experience acne breakouts, clogged pores, dry flakey skin with a dull complexion at some point through the ages of 10-25. Acne can affect the face, chest and back. At Cloud 9 we will educate and help our clients maintain and preserve the integrity of their skin with simple, basic skin care treatments and tips through the acne stage.

Acne Facial
This treatment is uniquely tailored for breakouts and scaring issues. A Clearing Skin Wash is used to prep and cleanse your skin. A special acne clearing exfoliant is used with steam to exfoliate and kill bacteria, extractions, a masque is applied to reduce inflammation and normalize your skin’s pH, a special acne reducing serum is applied with a the correct moisturizer for your skin to complete your treatment. For chronic acne a Series is recommended.


for women, men & teens


Your back is one of the most difficult areas on your body to care for. Whether you’re male or female, a healthy back is a sexy back. Our back treatments will make you feel clean and healthy, giving you confidence to hit the beach or spend an intimate evening with your loved one.

Clearing Back Treatment
Geared for back acne and all symptoms related, this treatment reduces and minimizes breakouts, while repairing and reducing scarring.

Soothing Back Treatment
Refresh, revitalize and reduce rough skin, while bringing a healthy glow to your back. This treatment is specifically focused on increasing blood circulation, maintaining healthy skin and reducing stress.


for women, men & teens


Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) machines have been developed and improved to permanently reduce hair in all areas of the body. Women, men and teens can eliminate and reduce hair from all areas on their bodies including: face, back, chest, nose, neck, feet, hands, legs, underarms, intimate areas, ears and arms. We are able to treat ALL SKIN TYPES.

During the treatment a small hand piece will be used to touch your skin with flashes of light. Most people describe the procedure as a little uncomfortable, with a tingling or stinging sensation. Treatments can be repeated at monthly intervals between 2 and 10 treatments. Fees for IPL hair removal depend on the size of area treated and number of sessions required. We suggest making an appointment for a FREE CONSULTATION.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)
Intense Pulsed Light systems are different from lasers in that they can deliver hundreds of wavelengths (or colours) in each burst of light. Certain filters are used that target these flashes of light so that they can work in as precise a way as lasers. Simply, the burst of light to the hair causes damage to the follicle in the same way as a laser.

Repeat Procedures
Several treatments are required at the start of hair removal therapy because of the natural growth cycle of hair. This is because each hair follicle goes through growing and resting phases, and the hair follicle is most successfully treated by light early in the growing phase.

The number of active follicles and the length of the growth phase varies, and the first treatment will only damage some of the follicles. After a few weeks, previously resting hair follicles break into growth, which then need to be treated.

The procedure can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 45 minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated. Treatments can be repeated at approximately monthly intervals. In this way, after 2 – 10 treatments, most of the hair follicles in any particular site can be successfully treated.

After this series of treatments, any further hair growth can be treated as and when it’s necessary.

How long will it take to recover from IPL Hair Removal?
Most people find that they can return to work immediately after treatment.

What should you do prior to treatment?
Shaving is required 2-4 days prior to your appointment.


for women, men & teens


We’ll remove unwanted hair anywhere from men, women and youth as quick and painless as possible.

We specialize in the following areas:

Eyebrow Shaping $20  |  Upper Lip $15

Chin $15  |  Arms $30   |  Underarms $20

Full Bikini $35 |  Bikini Line $25

Brazilian Bikini (Slim & Trim)  $60 & Up

Full Leg & Bikini $80

Full Leg & Brazilian $95

 Full Leg $85 & Up  |  Upper Leg $45  |  Lower Leg $35 & Up

  Back $60 |  Stomach $20 & Up

Chest   Sideburns   Nose Hairs

Front & Back Neck Areas


Specialized Services

Eye Lash Tinting $25 | Eye Brow Tinting $25
(or $40 for brow & lashes)

Ditch the brow makeup!  A quick dye treatment (vegetable based for sensitive skin) will help accentuate your lashes and brows for weeks.

Brow Restoration & Shaping

Spray Tanning
All Natural Tans provided to have a slimming effect that generally last between 7 – 10 days $40 – $50


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