Face Mask Acne Condition:  “Maskne”

How to Manage this Condition

‘Maskne’, aka acne mechanica is mainly caused by:

  • Friction from the mask rubbing on the skin
  • Trapped sebum, cosmetics, and bacteria under the mask
  • Lack of oxygen to the skin
  • Anxiety and Stress

When you remove your mask at the end of the day, you may notice irritation and breakouts on your chin, jawline, cheeks, nose, and even behind your ears. We are familiar with this condition, having worked with athletes who wear sports gear such as helmets, sports bras, and other sports equipment that causes friction on the skin, and locks in sweat and oil.

Helpful Recommendations:

Mask care:
As it is the first line of defense, be sure to start your day with a clean mask. Cloth masks should be washed daily, or use a fresh disposable mask daily.

Wash your face day & night:
Seek out facial cleansers with Benzoyl peroxide, BHA, and AHA’s; products with a skin polish like jojoba beads, oatmeal, rice powder, or enzymes (i.e.: pumpkin, papain, bromelain) exfoliate and remove the dead skin cells, oil and bacteria. After cleansing, use a toner to remove excess makeup, oil, and bacteria.

Apply a moisturizer:
Hydration is key to alleviating dryness; use a lightweight or oil-free moisturizer to soothe, hydrate, and protect the skin. Jojoba Oil is a great alternative to protect your skin from mask friction.

Over-the-counter spot treatments:
Products with Benzoyl Peroxide, Tea Tree Oil, Oregano Oil, Salicylic Acid, Retinoids, and Sulfur work wonders! Never apply essential oils directly on the skin as they should be combined with a base oil or cream.

Seek professional help:
Acne comes with many complexities and nuances to manage and even diagnose. It would be my pleasure to personalize a skincare regimen with products geared to your individual skin type and condition.  Cloud 9 Skin Wellness Spa is open and following all Covid protocols. For anyone uncomfortable with in-person consultations or treatments, we offer Zoom consultations.

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